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ATELIER BATAC is a Barcelona-based independent leather accessories brand that celebrates  femininity. The former Spanish filmmaker Cristina Gómez launched her label focusing on creating a new sustainable look for women.

A luxury signature product but an affordable price for those women who demand uniqueness and super cool bags. Cristina draws inspiration from women´s physicality, movement and shape, and the mediterranean seasonal energy transforming them into timeless bags instantly recognisable to the burgeoning community of an international audience.

If a AB bag was ...a song, it would be one from Nicolas Jaar.

A film, it would be one from Eric Rohmer.

An Art work, it would be one from Brancusi.



After falling in love with Colombian crafts while I was living in
Bogota, I decided to challenge myself and launch Atelier Batac as a personal
project. This way I could use my recently honed skills in leather-working and
conjure them into the stories I want to tell. Thanks to my background in
filmmaking, I have realized the value of an image which might seen superflous
but reflected a change in our society. In the past century women have been
fighting for our emancipation and carrying a bag, with our own cash, has become
a symbol of our independence and our modern outlook.

Having that in mind, I wanted to offer a distinctive aesthetic for
women because there is something
intensely intimate about a woman´s handbag: in some ways, it is a microcosm of our life.
This is the way that I embed my storytelling into my designs
which I hope they are pieces that you will want to keep forever.


Carry natural luxury -sweet but twisted- designed to make your
days more enjoyable.


Fine leather crafts.

Focus on creating a lasting relationship between the bag and its owner.

Simplicity and easy functionality.

The use of the vintage one-of-a-kind Lucite handles is our distinctive
signature and the reason of our limited editions to 10 to 20 units per color approximately.

Eco-friendly production.



We feel a huge respect for the material we labour, leather, provided from manufactures members of the Leather Working Group. All our items are sustainable handcrafted using water-based adhesive and an eco-friendly finishing process. In addition, leather is a recyclable and biodegradable article by nature.



We support local crafts, therefore all our products are designed and handcrafted in Barcelona under friendly working conditions. That helps us to reduce the Co2 impact and make new friends along the way. The cardboards and tissues we use in our packaging come from FSC suppliers.


The designer gets inspiration by the Mediterranean easy-going
feeling resulting in a distinctive aesthetic supporting the Timeless and
Minimalism trend as the perfect way to add a little statement
to your everyday dressing.



We love living near the sea. The Mediterranean and its lifestyle is in our DNA: the street life, the friendly architecture, the scent of each season and the sun!. Barcelona inspires us and
we trust its artisanal tradition and its vision for design. We believe that a
local production is possible in which having a close and friendly relationship
with our suppliers is core.

We design and prototype at our atelier to manufacture
our limited series in small artisanal workshops in the city. 

Each piece with its details
is unique as it is our city.



Placed in the heart of Gracia neighborhood in Barcelona, known by its town vibes, Atelier Batac has a quiet space to create and welcome sharing knowledge and knowhow as the way to keep alive traditional leather working techniques. I was a leathercraft student in Colombia who was amazed every time I completed whatever small leather piece and realizing I could make it by my own.

That is a strong feeling I never forget and I would like to be able to evoke in others. The sense of community that sharing labour brings, while paths cross with masters and collegues of the trade, is something I cherish and wish to nurture. This is the way Atelier Batac was born while being a bespoke atelier.

And to continue the spirit, I will be offering short term workshops focused on a specific project as well as customized and one-to-one tutorship. The workshops will be covering the following knowledge and techniques such as bag assembly, pattern, prototyping, dyeing, saddle stitching...

Please, follow @atelierbatac instagram profile to keep you in the loop or contact me by email in case you have a project in mind and want to attend private lessons.